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Illustrator Recovery Kit knows how to recover corrupt Illustrator file and rebuild the structure of affected
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17 July 2014

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Illustrator Recovery Kit answers how to recover Illustrator file of Illustrator and repair the structure of compatible documents in all instances of data corruption, affecting these files. This program knows how to recover Illustrator files if my computer crashes and get back to work all items, stored in AI documents. The website of Illustrator Recovery Kit clearly explains how to recover corrupt Illustrator file and provides step by step guidelines of getting back all information, stored in corresponding illustrations. This way of Adobe Illustrator file recovery crash is good for all users and it does not matter if they are enough qualified or not. Illustrator Recovery Kit does the following:
-answers is there Adobe Illustrator recovery tool for AI file restoration and fixing corresponding images;
-explains if any good app for recovery Illustrator file and rebuilding the structure of specified documents;
-opens any document of AI format on any computer in the network of your company, including slower workstations and older hardware;
-offers easy guidelines, providing step by step explanations of how it works so the users of Illustrator Recovery Kit do not encounter issues;
-tries to restore all available objects, detected in processed files of Adobe Illustrator format;
-automatically redirects the source data into clean files of Adobe Illustrator format to be used in AI application;
-works locally without the physical access to external network except the cases when Illustrator Recovery Kit is required to open AI illustrations from external disks;
-works on any version of Microsoft Windows operating system, including MS Windows 98/Windows 7;
-free demo mode allows the previewing of recovered AI items as soon as the analysis of selected illustration is completed, at this stage users may check the efficiency of Illustrator Recovery Kit

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